A Friendly To-Do-List When Looking for the Perfect Lash Salon for You

Do you have thin eyelashes? Or is there an upcoming event which you want to enhance your eyes for? You must have already thought of using false eyelashes and wearing thick mascara, but did you know you can get eyelash extensions instead?

Eyelash extensions assure you that your eyes get the emphasis and improvement that you want to see. That’s true, but you can achieve the best results if you do the best preparations and aftercare and most importantly, if you choose your lash salon wisely and thoughtfully!

There are many beauty clinics and lash salons present out there, so the challenge for you is to select which one’s best for you or THE best for all. You should find the one that offers excellent services that’s worth your time and money and most especially, that’s safe for you.

Here are 7 things you should do when you are looking the perfect lash salon for you:


If you are off to getting eyelash extensions, then you must have some knowledge about what they are. Read a lot about them. You will find out that there isn’t just one type of eyelash extensions but there’s actually a number of them.

The perfect lash salon for you must have the eyelash extension types that you want and/or need. They must offer complete services providing what you’re looking for and aiming to get. If the salon does not cater for all types, then it’s not a good one. You must choose an all-around (for eyelash extensions of course) lash salon that can let you have what you’re searching for.

What if at the last minute you decided to change to another type of eyelash extensions and they don’t offer such? It’d be sad and annoying at the same time. You’d be left with limited choices.


Previous clients and regular customers have posted reviews on the salon’s social media accounts and pages. From there, you will be able to read the experiences of people who tried their services.

It’s a good thing to read reviews so you will see perspectives from other people sharing their own thoughts and opinions. You can get information about their strengths, which are your advantages, and also their weaknesses, which you must significantly consider to avoid getting disappointed.

Check out customer ratings too. If you see only a few reviews, think again. There are fake accounts created to full innocent customers. Verified social media accounts make it easier for you to see client reviews. Look for recommendations as well to see which salon is chosen by many people when it comes to eyelash extensions services.


To see the changes and enhancements done, before-and-after photos are taken. Look for these photos because through them, you will get a glimpse of the kind of outcomes the lash salon gives to customers.

They’re for you to, first, consider getting eyelash extensions, and second, consider their salon. Lash salons and other places where you can get eyelash extensions services can attach them on you. The difference is their actual excellence. See before-and-after photos to visually know what you are up to.


Again, before getting eyelash extensions, educate yourself about the services. Know how the procedures are really done and what techniques are used. Because this kind of service has been present for some time now, there have been advancements too. Research about them.

When you look for a lash salon, see to it that they do have the latest techniques and not the outdated ones because obviously, the fresh ones are made for easier, more convenient and more effective process and results.

Along with better techniques, the lash salon must also be utilizing upgraded products and machines.


It is important that as you inquire, you physically go to the lash salon. It’s important that you  get informed about what they do, but it’s also essential that you see whether their location is safe, well-ventilated and hygienic.

You’ll be able to see their facilities too and determine whether it’s the kind of place and atmosphere which you want to be in. Is it relaxing and comfortable? Or does it feel uneasy and bothersome?

In that way, you will also get to see how they actually work on the clients. If you feel something suspicious at how their clinic is situated, then do more research about it. If it’s something to worry about, try asking authorities about the clinic credibility. Or if you aren’t just convinced, then don’t choose it.


To know if the lash salon is actually genuine, ask a lot of questions. Ask everything you want to know about eyelash extensions and about their clinic and services too. It’s your right as a potential customer to inquire everything that you’re curious about.

A good lash salon will know what you’re talking about and asking about. Don’t hesitate to ask even the things that you already know. In that way, you’ll be able to catch any deceitful salons that actually know a bit or nothing about the service and offers it.


The most important thing that you should do in order to select the perfect lash salon for your eyelash extensions is to look for their license. The hired stylists must be educated, trained and licensed to do the job as well and not just any self-taught or “fast learner” people out there.

There are proper methods and proper equipment that only certified businesses know about. Look for an authorized lash salon to avoid any mishaps in terms of your health, financial and personal security and safety.



To find the perfect lash salon for your eyelash extensions, you must know what to do, what to look for and what to avoid as well. There are many beauty clinics that offer such services but not all of them are reliable and of excellent quality.

Of course, if it’s something that involves your beauty and health, you want to be careful in order to get not only physical improvement but most of all hygienic results.

Again, be mindful as you look for the lash salon where you’ll get your eyelash extensions from.


For Nicole Ann Pore, people’s eyes do a lot to imply a person’s mood and health condition. It is important to keep them healthy and beautiful. She writes about taking care of them together with their many parts, as well as the enhancements that people do on their brows and lashes that affect how their eyes look like. Nicole is a daytime writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.