“kidney” is unhealthy, and you will know when you look at your feet. The feet do not have these conditions, indicating that the kidneys are healthy!

The foot is the second brain of our body, showing how important it is in the various organs of the body. If the kidney is good or not, you can see it through your feet. Come and learn the foot self-test method.

The health of the kidney is closely related to the health of the body. The kidney is good and the body is good. There are many meridians in the legs and feet of the human body, and the foot Shaoyin kidney, referred to as the kidney meridian, is distributed in the foot, so look at it. Look at the feet and know the health of the kidneys.

1, foot temperature

The meaning is very simple, is to ask if your feet are warm all the year round, if you are cold in the cold weather or season, the kidneys are not enough.

2, the small toe of the foot

In general, the toes are long and large, the feet are wide and thick, the main life is long, the toes are thin and short, and the feet are narrow and thin. The foot Shaoyin kidney begins from the small toe and slantes through the Yongquan point of the foot, so the small toe can intuitively reflect the quality of the kidney. Generally, the small toes of the kidneys and feet will show a thick and thick feeling. If the kidneys are weak, the small toes will show skin thinness and weakness. Because the small toe is the origin of the foot Shaoyin kidney, so the thick toe of the small toe is more prosperous; the small toe is thin and thin and the kidney is more than faint.

3, heel

When you pinch your heel or walk, it hurts, indicating that kidney deficiency, foot Shaoyin is passing through the position of the heel. When the kidney is weak, it is easy to have heel pain. Healthy people’s toenails are generally pink. If the nails suddenly become white and have streaks, the human body is in a state of fatigue.

4, toe crescent

There are no white half crescents on the toenails: If each toenails are pink, the toenails have 1/5 crescent at the bottom, which is a very healthy toenail. The color of the toenail is whitish: it is likely to be anemia, malnutrition, and need to increase nutrition.

How to better protect the kidneys?

It is imperative to protect the kidneys. If you protect your kidneys, what should you pay attention to when preventing these problems?

Drink plenty of water, but pay attention to drink water slowly, so that it will not burden the kidneys, and the water temperature also needs attention, normal temperature water is the best. It is recommended that everyone have three to five glasses of water a day.

In addition, you can drink some tea in your daily life, and you will be compensated for the physical damage caused by work and labor! Earthworm is a very common health food, it is simple and sweet, with the effects of nourishing kidney and nourishing the liver, improving the eyesight, strengthening the muscles and bones, prolonging life and so on. It is also the best health food for middle-aged men with kidney deficiency.

In fact, many men work hard for their careers. It is inevitable to have frequent entertainment. Although they also participate in some sports, they are still inseparable from the three highs. These are very distressing for men. Many people are not very old and may have high blood fat and fatty liver. At the time, we can actually drink some more in the usual time to nurse our body.

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