Natural Mineral Water An Elixir For Dehydration

Importance of Water,Human body requires enough water to maintain good health. The body is comprised of 70% water and it should be supplied for hydration. Water is the basic necessity for our survival and for good functioning of the organs especially natural mineral water does wonder to our body. This water has exceptional natural taste that is neither flat nor dull. It only promises refreshing taste.,As the weather changes water intake varies causing dehydration, due to this change human body becomes victim of several diseases. During summers body needs enough water for hydration, if not taken care it might lead to serious conditions.,Reasons for Dehydration,Dehydration occurs when the body is not supplied with enough fluids. Frequent vomiting, urinating, sweating and diarrhea are some of the common reasons.,DEHYDRATION SYMPTOMS,Severe dehydration makes you lose 10-15% of body water leaving your skin dry,• Increase in heart rate,• Sunken/depressed eyes,• Fever,• Low blood pressure,• Lack of sweating,• Dry mouth,• Muscle cramps,• Less or no urination,• Headaches,• Lethargy etc,STEPS TO KEEP DEHYDRATION AT BAY,HYDRATION OF THE BODY IS THE KEY FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE,A dehydrated body is a storehouse for many dreaded diseases. When body water depletes significantly, we are prone to dehydration. Unless refilled the body will lose water and essential minerals leading to fluid loss, rise in blood pressure, heart related illness etc.,To prevent your body from water loss/dehydration, Komin natural mineral water is at your rescue. Consuming natural mineral water enriched with vital minerals for attaining healthy living is a good habit. With good habits a healthy body is developed and the natural lifestyle is achieved.,Make Komin Natural Mineral Water a part of your diet routine to get a desired healthy and natural lifestyle. This water can bring huge changes in your body after regular consumption, leaving you with light and energetic body.,Komin Natural mineral Water is bottled at its source without human intervention and synthetic method. Imagine what happens to your body once you start consuming water made from Mother Nature, loaded with calcium, magnesium, silica, zinc and many other minerals. The alkalinity helps to maintain pH balance of the body; it also helps you grab soluble minerals from the rocks.,,Written by my friend rupa,