7 Corporate ideas for team building that aren’t boring

Are you starting to notice a slump in mood around the office? Perhaps your team isn’t working as well together or you have a new team who need to integrate? It could be time to start looking into team building activities to raise the morale.,Team building events are a great way to get everyone to relax in each other’s company. Outside of the normal office environment, workers can let down their ‘work facade’ and show more of themselves. Plus, they can be really fun!!,As long as they don’t feel like forced fun.,And that’s why you need to think a little outside the box. It’s also good to keep in mind the capabilities of your team. If all of them are fitness fanatics then a sure bet would be to do something very active. However, if you have a varied mix of age and fitness levels, it’s probably best to stick to something a little calmer.,We’ve pulled together a list of 7 corporate team building ideas which aren’t boring.,Axe throwing,Now, this may sound a little scary but hear us out. It’s actually a really fun afternoon and a great way to let off steam. In their words “a team that throws together, grows together” and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. It’s less about strength and more about skill so the winner may surprise you. It’s sure to be a favourite amongst everyone and definitely a little left of centre.,Go-karting,Loud noise, speed, adrenaline and a healthy dose of competition with trophies thrown in at the end – sounds like the perfect team building exercise. Plus, throw in some sizzling stuff to eat and you’re onto a winner. Your team will love the feel of going full throttle and racing around the course. Not only is it a great bonding activity but it’s something that will be talked (and laughed) about for months to come.,Trampolining,Think trampoline parks are just for kids? Think again. There are many to choose from around Australia and it’s a great way to get the heart rate up and the stress levels down. Plus, we’re sure there’ll be lots of giggles along the way which will break down barriers as everyone relaxes.,Soul building,Now, if you’re looking for a more magnanimous activity then what about some group volunteering. Charities such as Oz Harvest, offer corporate volunteering days where you can work with them to help make sure those in need have food on the table.,Board game marathon,A great one when you have a mix of ages and fitness abilities, after all, who doesn’t love a board game. Whether you want to test everyone’s way with words with a good game of Scrabble, their financial savvy with some Monopoly, or re-create childhood games of Guess Who, there’s so much fun to be had without the need to break into a sweat.,Nerf battle,This one’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for the big adult-sized kids in the office. Clear the office space, make a battleground, and get the Nerf Guns out. Need we say more?,The Amazing Race,This one takes a bit more planning and organizing but your efforts will pay off. The Amazing Race is a race to the finish. Each place you get to will have a clue of how to get to the next. If you’re really cruel, you could set an activity to complete in order to get that clue. This is a brilliant way to get your team to mingle, especially if you make a rule that the teams have to be formed by people who don’t normally work together.,Ace Karts are as close as you get to real life racing without a fireproof suit.,https://acekarts.com.au/,