If you like to travel, you must go to 6 places!

Wusong Island, Jilin: It is known as the four natural wonders of China together with Guilin landscape, Yunnan Shilin and Yangtze River Three Gorges. The best place to see the smog in Jilin is a smog island in the lower reaches of the Songhua River, about 40 kilometers in the urban area. The smog island is named after the smog and beauty. The best season to watch the smog in Jilin is from the end of December to the end of February of the second year. This is because the formation of smog has its own unique environment and conditions.

Changbai Mountain: Jilin Changbai Mountain is a world in a fairy tale. At the top of the mountain, Ruixue has a few pieces, the ice waterfall and Yushu Qiongzhi, which are beautifully and romantically decorated into a holy white world. The white Tianchi peak surrounds the Tianchi in winter, which is like a natural ice stage. The smog in Changbai Mountain is unique in winter. On the shore of Tianchi Lake, around the waterfall, on both sides of the White River, if you are fortunate enough to see it, you will be beautiful!

Yichun: It is the forest capital of China. In winter, it can be said to enjoy the fun of snow fun. In addition to enjoying the scenery of Linhai Snowfield, you can also taste the specialties of Northeast Black Land.

Lijiang, Yunnan: The ancient city of Lijiang in January is a relatively light tourist season in the ancient town under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is quietly waiting for the blowout of the Spring Festival. Lijiang claims to be China’s affair capital. This is a bit exaggerated. You can understand the charm of it after you experience it yourself. Why do so many people go there again and again. In January, Lijiang can wear short sleeves in the sun during the day, and must wear thick fleece shirts in the morning and evening. The rich tourist resources around us make us linger.

Macau: Macao is known as the “Oriental Monte Carlo”. Due to its numerous historical sites, religious buildings, and the Chinese and Western Macao food culture, it attracts countless tourists.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong, known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is the third-largest financial center in the world after London and New York. Hong Kong in winter is not only a discount season, but also a refuge and a food paradise.

Tourism has become the most popular leisure method nowadays, which is reminiscent of the resignation of Henan teachers who submitted “the world is so big, I want to see it” in 2015.

Many white-collar workers have used their few vacations to travel, but many white-collar workers have said that time is very tight, there is no way to play at the attractions, only to rush through those attractions, saying that now is rich but no time! I regret that I didn’t take advantage of college time to go out.

But many college students said, “You are all standing and talking, no pain! Yes, we have time. But! No money!”

In fact, many people who work now regret that they have not been able to travel in college, but many people are very happy to help their schoolmates and sisters to complete this wonderful wish~

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