belly raised? Can’t you lose the big belly?

As your age grows, you will find yourself getting bigger and bigger, especially for the problem of modern people eating more and less; some people are more “exciting”, their body weight is normal, and it looks like Not fat, but only the stomach is very big. In fact, your “big belly” is related to visceral fat, and you should do so by relying on the loss of your belly.

Why are everyone’s stomachs getting bigger and bigger?

The stomachs of all of you have become very large, mainly because of the unscientific diet, the consumption of refined foods, the consumption of large fish, long-term sedentary, lack of exercise, etc., which are now concentrated. In addition, some drugs can also cause visceral fat. increase.

Moreover, visceral fat needs to be noticed by everyone. The increase of visceral fat is far more harmful than the increase of subcutaneous fat. The higher the visceral fat content, the higher the risk of diabetes, heart disease, gout and infertility.

In terms of weight loss, it may be a thing that many people are doing for a lifetime. Many people tend to lose weight “body”, but for your big belly, it is “abdominal fat”, which is more distributed, and for the body. The speed of the various parts is not the same. Under normal circumstances, the limbs are relatively lost, and the waist and abdomen and the buttocks of the body are slower. In other words, there may be other parts of your body. Lose, for the belly fat, the speed of the loss will be slower, you need to stick to it.

Can you have a thin stomach by sitting up?

Many people rely on sit-ups to reduce their stomachs. In fact, it is not particularly reliable. Whether it’s sit-ups or other thin-bellied exercises or movements, the biggest effect is to increase the muscles of the abdomen, but such movements won’t help you turn fat into the muscles you want.

If you often do sit-ups and exercise your abdominal muscles, if your belly fat has not been consumed, your stomach will only look bigger.

Cling thin belly, slimming cream and thin belly are also not very reliable:

The extreme method of cling film and thin belly is also chosen by many people, but this kind of method will only make you temporarily dehydrated. If you drink a little water, the weight will easily rise again. In addition, relying on slimming cream to lose weight actually the principle is only that the skin is hot and accelerates sweating. This so-called stimulation only stays on the stimulation of the superficial skin and does not really play a role in reducing fat.

Science to lose your stomach, you should do this:

  • Diet should be more biased towards “reducing fat and increasing muscle”:

Please note that whether you are reducing your stomach or other parts, please refuse to blindly diet. Hungry will not solve the problem.

The diet needs to be properly adjusted to improve the proportion of food, refuse to eat or eat a small number of snacks such as sweets and sweet drinks containing various refined sugars to reduce the intake of fatty substances. Proteins suggest that you can eat more fish, eggs and other foods containing high-quality protein, vegetables must be enough.

  • Exercise should choose the movement for the whole body:

Choose to burn the whole body to improve the efficiency and speed of fat burning, such as squats, such as boating; if you just exercise your abdomen, the burning calories are relatively limited, you want to reduce your stomach, the first thing you need to do is burn enough More heat, less fat.

  • In addition, to increase the movement specifically for the abdominal muscles:

The abdominal muscles are actually buried under your abdomen, the fat becomes less and less, and the abdominal muscles will be clearer. While doing whole body exercise, it is recommended that you can do some exercises for the abdominal muscles. The movements such as the belly, the supine car, and the flat support are all reliable choices.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big stomach. You need to figure out the principle first, and you should lose your big belly. Please adjust your diet + exercise scientifically. I hope you can lose weight healthily.

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