Top 3 Gardens of Agra

Agra is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh but Agra is particularly famous because of various factors. Agra is known for the Taj Mahal, which is the epitome of love and was made by Shah Jahan in this memory of his beloved wife who lost her life while giving birth to their 14th child out of labor pain. Shah Jahan was a very loving and sensitive husband. He made the Taj Mahal which is a wonder of the world as a Mosque for the soul of his wife to rest in peace. Agra is also known as the favorite city of the Mughals. It served as a capital of the Mughal Empire for many years. There are very beautiful gardens also in Agra. On same day Agra tour by car, you must visit the Taj Mahal and at least Mehtab Bagh which is located exactly opposite to the Taj Mahal. We will discuss top 3 gardens of Agra, namely Rambagh and Saomi Bagh. There are 11 gardens in total in Agra which were built by the Mughals.

Mehtab Bagh   

Mehtab Bagh is a Charbagh Complex in Agra which is made up in Persian style. It is located in the north of the Taj Mahal complex. The exact location is across the Yamuna River in the flood plains. It is also near the Agra Fort. The garden complex is square in shape. It is sized 300 metres. It is exactly located opposite the Taj Mahal with perfect measurements. One needs to take care before planning to go over there because Mehtab Bagh is located in the flood Plains which mean that it the ground of Mehtab Bagh becomes partially flooded during the rainy season. So increase your planning the tour in the rainy season, kindly take care. Mehtab Bagh was the last Garden built by the Mughals. It was built by Emperor Babur. Its literal meaning is a moonlit pleasure Garden which means that there is enough of Moonlight in the garden and therefore it is so pleasurable to sit and spend time in the garden.

Aaram Bagh

Aram Bagh is the oldest Mughal Garden in India it was also built by Mughal emperor Babur in the year 1528. It is only 5 km away from Mehtab Bagh opposite the Taj Mahal in Agra. Aram Bagh was the place where Babar was buried temporally after his death and then was again interred in Kabul. Most of the Gardens have built by a Babur of Indo Persian style, especially Persian style in dominance. The main characteristic of the Persian style of architecture was to create a Paradise with flowing water and dividing the garden into 4 parts. It gives a systematic look as well. The view and feel of water have a very soothing effect on the visitors. The literal meaning of Aaram Bagh is ‘Garden of Rest’. It is also called as ‘Lazy Garden’ or ‘Light Scattering Garden’ because taking rest helps us a lot. There is a story associated with the third marriage of Emperor Akbar with reference to Aram Bagh. The love story of King Akbar began in this garden. People say that Mughal King Akbar proposed to his third wife who was a gardener there and she refused the proposal of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Akbar then lied idle over there for almost 6 days in order to convince her to marry him. Jahangir also waited in the garden in the year 1621 for some time because as per the auspicious time to enter the Fort of Kangra was ahead and he reached Agra little early. Please note that Jahangir was the beloved son of Akbar.

Saomi Bagh

Saomi bag is the garden or the place which is dedicated to the Satsang of Radha Swami. It gained its importance and popularity in the year 1905 because of the third Sat guru named as Maharaj Saheb. The holy Samadhi of Sat guru Ji is also at Soami Bagh. It is very beautiful from the point of view of architecture and is considered a pilgrimage site also. The exterior of the garden is made up of white marble. Radha Soami is a religious organization that is a combination of all of the teachings of all faiths. Let me tell you the most amazing thing about Saomi Bagh complex. There is a church, Gurdwara, Temple and Mosque inside the premises of Soami Bagh temple. Isn’t that wow! As according to Radha Soami organization, it is a representation of belief that is religious harmony is practically possible.

All the three gardens are very famous and of cultural importance with a unique philosophy. You must visit one of these gardens on Delhi to Agra by car as there is a lot to be inspired from, apart from admiring the aesthetics and the beauty of the architectural creativity in these gardens.