Is it Ideal to Buy Used Tyres for your Two-Wheelers?

One of the periodic expenses associated with purchasing a vehicle is of tyre replacement. Tyre are needed to be replaced after a certain distance traveled or due to wear and tear damages. In recent developments, it is being reported that people are getting interested in buying used tyres for their two-wheelers. However, the question in these circumstances is that is it ideal to buy used tyre the vehicles.,According to experts, certain parameters should be kept in mind before buying a used tyre for your vehicle such as;,The distance,The ideal distance range for bike tyre is from 12000 km to 20000 km. Therefore, the safety limit of buying a bike tyre is between the lower limit as less traveled a possible to 15000 km as the upper limit. Any used tyre traveled beyond the bracket of 15000 km is not an ideal investment to make.,Time,Motorcycle tyre manufacturer in India inscribes the year of manufacturing on the tyre. The practice is relatively common in the industry and especially prevailing in the
tyre manufacturers in Ludhiana. This information can be a great indicator to judge the condition of the tyre taking into account the average daily usage of the vehicle. A tyre more than two years old is not an ideal piece of a tyre to buy.,The selling price,It is considered ideal to buy a used tyre for not more 30 % of the original cost of the tyre. It is advisable to go for an old tyre in this price range only if the distance covered by the tire is not more than the prescribed distance limit of 15000 km. Otherwise, the buyer should opt for a new tyre.,Tread depth,There are certain standards about checking the fitness of the tyre and tube by
motorcycle tube manufacturer in India. If a tread depth is more than 2 mm, more than its usual level than the tyre cannot be considered fit to be used in another vehicle. Even if the tread depth is below the prescribed level of rejection, any deviation from its usual level makes them, unfit to be used in another vehicle.,Tire dimension,One of the most important factors to consider before buying a used tyre is its dimension. The buyer should check for the dimension of the tire whether it is appropriate or not. The buyer should pay attention to oversize and undersized tyres. Another critical factor is to check for the ideal tyre size for the vehicle before making any purchase.,The selling price