Sudden heart attack in the middle of the night! Heart physician sighs: Who pays attention to the 5 signals?

Sudden heart attack in the middle of the night! Heart physician sighs: Who pays attention to the 5 signals?

The health of our body is made up of the health of every organ and tissue, and the blood vessels that guarantee the health of organs and tissues.

If the blood vessels are blocked, the natural body will have problems, and a lot of diseases will follow.

In recent years, the number of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China has been increasing, and such diseases have been clearly listed as the number one killer of human health.

According to statistics, in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, more than 1 million patients die of myocardial infarction each year in China.

At present, there are about 40 million patients with coronary heart disease in the country. About 260 people die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every hour, and those who die from myocardial infarction are still increasing daily.

Therefore, prevention of blood vessels has become a top priority for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction.

If the body has the following five signs, you should be alert to vascular blockage, don’t ignore it!

First, chest tightness

The patient will feel that his chest has been flustered before sitting or sleeping, and this situation requires special attention. This may be due to the lower limb venous thrombosis appeared in the case shedding blood clots blocking the pulmonary artery leading to pulmonary embolism .

If the pulmonary artery is embolized, the consequences are very serious, and it is likely to cause the patient to die due to difficulty breathing.

Second, chest pain

There are many diseases that cause chest pain. The main cause of chest pain is insufficient blood supply to the heart. The blood circulation of blood vessels is not smooth. Obstruction can cause chest pain.

Common diseases that cause chest pain are mostly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. These diseases are sudden, like a bomb of the human body. There is a possibility of explosion at any time. If it is not controlled in time, it is likely that the patient will be affected after the onset of the disease. Lost life.

Third, abnormal vision

Long-term exposure to electronic products can cause eye fatigue and induce vision problems.

Usually, we have blurred vision to consider whether to use excessive eye problems, but for patients with vascular disease should be alert to the appearance of blurred things, eyes black and even blind eyes, and return to normal in about a few minutes.

This may be caused by occlusion of the fundus vasculature and the induction of ocular ischemia and hypoxia.

Fourth, leg pain

Leg pain is caused by blockage of the leg artery, and the arteries of the extremities are responsible for the blood supply to the legs.

If the blood volume of the blood in your leg is relatively small, you will feel leg pain when you walk. After a few minutes of rest, the pain will be relieved. If you walk again, the symptoms will still be the same, which medical students call ” intermittent claudication.”

This situation requires patients to seek medical treatment in a timely manner, delaying the condition will lead to the deterioration of the condition, and even to the results of amputation.

Fifth, the pulse is slow and the blood pressure is low.

Normal heartbeat pulse and are consistent, under normal circumstances is 60 to 100 times / minthe elderly more slowly, of 55 to 60 beats / min, but less than the pulse wave data, which we call a low pulse weak.

When we have a weak pulse and the blood pressure measured with the same arm becomes lower, we should be alert to the possibility that the upper extremity blood vessels are blocked.

Blood vessels are important channels for the body to transport nutrients and oxygen. All the blood vessels in the human body are connected to each other around the Earth’s equator. (Suddenly feeling weird?)

But no matter which part of the obstacle occurs, it will affect the smoothness of the entire “vascular network”, which in turn affects the function of other organs.

A good blood supply is the basis for ensuring the various organs.

We can take some measures to protect the blood vessels every day, such as light diet, balance, and more exercise to enhance vascular function. If necessary, do a blood vessel examination every year to prevent problems before they occur.

Having said that, it is still an old saying: caring for blood vessels is to protect our lives. 

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