Shoulder Packaging: An Incredibly easy way That Works For All Products

Cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard is the most durable packaging material used to make shoulder boxes. They are the most versatile packing encasements that provide the most effective containment to the product of every kind from food to clothing to pharmaceutical, and whatnot. Customization offers unique shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand in the most effective and presentable manner. Advanced printing gives the most outstanding quality and branded packaging with custom logos. Cardboard is the most sustainable material that is also very affordable for every kind of product. 

Every product needs packaging that meets all the needs of the product from containment to aesthetic appeal, and marketing or advertising to build a valuable and worthy image of the brand. It has become necessary for brands to come up with the most distinguished packing that must differentiate your product from competitive brands. Customization has made it easy to meet these requirements most affordably with high-end and luxurious quality. Custom boxes are commonly made using a die-cutting technique that makes it possible for the companies to get the designs that offer perfect containment for any kind of product, smallest to the largest, and fragile to the robust. 

Shoulder boxes are the most versatile of all the packaging because of their uniqueness. Shoulder box packaging comes in different enclosures that offer varied protection to the items that are packed inside them. 

Types of a shoulder box

Depending on the closure, there are different types of shoulder and neck encasements. 

·       Exposed neck

These packing cases have a protruding neck and a lid that does not completely cover the exposed parts, which give it a very sleek and unique appearance. 

·       No-gap closure

These encasements have a base and a lid that covers the whole extended part making it completely invisible. 

·       Neck lids 

Usually, neck protrudes from the base, but there are some shoulder encasements that have tray attached to their covers instead of a plate. The closure remains the same, but the appearance varies. The variations in shapes and designs make them perfect for all every single product that exists in the market because these boxes are;

Ready to Use

Shoulder packaging is made up of corrugated cardboard that is non-collapsible and is delivered assembled, which makes them easy to use. It offers instant loading and unloading of the product without any assembling.  Custom designs and prints do not require any additional wrapping and packing. You can just get them in desired prints, logos, and patterns directly from the manufacturer to avoid any other work on them. 

Offer Mechanical Filling

There are a lot of products that are mass-produced and require mechanical filling that is faster and more convenient. So if you are looking for premium encasements that could be filled mechanically, go for neck boxes.

Wide range of sizes

The most challenging factor faced by the companies is to find perfect sizes for their product because just like five fingers, not every product is the same. 

Custom made neck box can be adjusted when it comes to sizes. Over-sized packaging does nothing except creating a misconception about the product and the brand. Whether you are selling small items like jewellery, beauty products, chocolates, cigarettes, and gifts or larger items, these boxes can be tailored to meet all your need seamlessly. 

Adjustable Strength

What use is of the product, the effort, the money, and investing a lot of time when your product does not reach its final destination in one piece?

 It is important to choose the strength according to the product rather than taking a risk, based on assumptions. Anything can happen at any time when the product starts its journey from the manufacturer to the wholesale vendor to the retailer and then finally to the consumer.

Corrugated cardboard is the strongest of them all that makes the strongest rigid shoulder box that does not collapse easily, which makes it impeccable. 

Printable from inside-out

The issue is not about the strength of the box but the quality also, which helps in increasing the worth of the product and the brand. Customization provides luxury shoulder packaging that is printed in high-end and finest colours using state of the art printing techniques such as inkjet printing, screen printing technique, and laser printing. 

You can get custom prints on inside or outside of the box that gives more space to communicate with customers with personalized messages and notes. Custom printed shoulder boxes are very trendy.

High damage resistance

A box does not just face hits, shocks, falls but there is a chance of a box getting damaged due to weather conditions such as rain, water, moisture, and too much of a cold or heat. Lamination is a plastic covering in different finishes that not only add a waterproof factor but also give a very polished outlook. Luxury does not always come with a great price tag. Custom packaging in wholesale is the cheapest that is available in the market than other expensive alternatives that are not even sustainable in any term.