What is a Farming or Agricultural Injury?

What is a Farming or Agricultural Injury?

According to Health and safety executive, farm or agricultural industry is considered one of the most dangerous industries to work. It doesn’t matter how much technology you use. There is always a risk to the life of a farmer. According to another report of health and safety executive, the farmer or employees in the agricultural industries are at far higher risk of sustaining an injury when you compare them with workers in other sectors.

The injury a farmer or agricultural employee suffers usually occurs due to animal they use in farming, or due to slip, trip fall and physical blows.

Agricultural or Farming Injury

An agricultural or farming injury occurs when a worker or farmer is involved in an accident during work in a farm or agricultural role. Even in the 21st century, farming is still one of the dangerous professions. As agriculture and farming both have a high number of employees who sustain injuries during work.

What are the top most common farming and agricultural injuries?

Both of these fields are dangerous and considerably difficult. The physical nature of the job and work often lead it to injuries. However, some common injuries are described below:

  • Farm machinery injury – With the increase in technology, farm machinery is also getting updated. Manufacturing companies invent new powerful machinery to help farmers. Machines used in farming help farmers in cutting, ploughing, drilling, and crushing. A malfunction of these machineries can also lead to a severe accident.
  • Farm vehicle accident – Poorly maintained vehicles can also lead to severe injuries. A vehicle that is commonly used in farms is quad, bikes and tractors.
  • Fall from height – fall from high places is another common cause of the accident. In many occasion, farmers fall from silos and barn lofts.
  • Contact with electricity – With the high use of electrical machinery, the risk of getting electric shock is also increased. A poorly manufactured product can also lead to severe electric shock.
  • Livestock injuries – Livestock injuries can cause infection, which can also spread in the body. This injury occurs due to the kick, bite, or due to the trampling by cows, pigs and sheep.
  • Ear injuries – Due to the high level of noise caused by machinery, ear injuries can also occur. These noises can damage the diaphragm and can also damage the inner ear. In this condition, the employee is not able to hear partially.

What to do after an accident?

As you know, the farms and agricultural area are far from cities. So, unfortunately, if you get an injury, you should immediately call the medical team. If you delay, you can put your life at risk. In some condition, loss of blood or cardiac arrest caused by electric shock can also lead to death. So, you should immediately need first aid to recover from the shock.

In the treatment, the doctor will deeply analyze your condition and will choose the best treatment option. In complex cases, the doctor can also prescribe you some medical tests. These tests usually make sure that in which condition your body is? After this, the doctor will make a comprehensive report on your injuries and health condition. He will also mention that how much time you will need to recover from this injury. He will also mention which type of damage you are suffering. According to Health, the doctor will also mention that weather the damage is permanent or for short-time.

When to seek advice?

After the medical treatment, now you can claim compensation against the liable party whose negligence caused you this injury. You can seek the help of personal injury solicitor to claim compensation even if you don’t know who is responsible for the accident. Personal injury solicitor Bury will deeply examine the scenario and will find the culprit. In farm and agricultural accident, there can be many types of liable parties. If you get an electric shock, then the product or appliance manufacturer is responsible.

If the liable party accepts their fault, then the case will be solved through settlement talks. Otherwise, the solicitor will send them legal notice of court hearing. This process is a bit complex, but you will surely get the compensation amount according to the damage and loss.