All That You Need To Know About Dog Dental Care

Did you know that more than 85% of our pets will potentially have some sort of dental disease before they reach the age of three years? Well, that’s the truth and this is mainly because most pet parents tend to overlook their canine’s dental care. Proper dental care for dogs is very essential and in this blog, you will see exactly why, and how one can take good care of their furry pal’s dental health.

Why Dental Health Is So Important?
Good dental health is extremely important because of the following:

  • Prevents Loss Of Tooth: When you notice that the structures that support your dog’s teeth become damaged or infected, the teeth automatically loosens and falls out. Good dental care will make sure that those teeth supporting structures remain healthy and help keep the set of teeth in the right place.
  • Curbs Bad Breath: One of the reasons why dental health in dogs is so crucial is to curb or rather eliminate the signs of bad breath. Bad breath in dogs is not a good sign and if left untreated, it can lead to tons of dental problems.
  • Prevents Organ Damages: Bacteria in the plaque can seep through the bloodstream and spread to the various organs including the heart, kidneys, and liver. This spread of bacteria, which is called bacteremia, can severely damage organs and make your dog pretty sick. Thus, maintaining good oral health will help prevent the so-called disease called bacteremia and organ damage as well.
  • Stems Oral Pain: Dental disease, especially when they are extremely severe, can be very painful. To stem such oral pain, it is imperative to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.
  • Prevents Worsening Of Dental Diseases: A substantial amount of dogs succumb to the dental disease by the time they reach the age of 3 years. Moreover, it can be extremely difficult to prevent it from developing during the earlier stages. However, good and effective dog dental care can help in preventing the dental disease from becoming more serious.

Tips on How to Maintain Ideal Dental Health in Dogs

As you can see, maintaining proper dental health is very crucial and below are some tips that every dog parent should follow in order to keep their canine’s teeth in good shape and maintain the ideal dental health.

  1. Brushing the Teeth Regularly

Tooth decays, plaque formation, loose tooth, gingivitis, and various other dental health problems can be kept at bay if you brush your pal’s teeth regularly. Moreover, ensure you are using specialized pet dental care products such as Pet Dent Toothbrush, Pet Dent Toothpaste, Pet Dent Finger Brush, or Pet Dent Oral Rinse. All of these dental health care products can be purchased at extensively low rates only on OurPetWarehouse.

  1. Take Note of Early Symptoms

It is not at all easy to identify that your dog is suffering from a dental condition or disease, especially in the early stages of their life. However, if you pay attention to them closely and take a good look at their chewing or eating habits and understand their body language, you will surely get to know if they’re experiencing any discomfort while or during eating. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to take note of the early symptoms in order to protect your buddy from catching a serious gum disease or any condition related to their teeth. As you all must know, the key is, of course, prevention. Therefore, don’t wait till the end and act promptly.

  1. Frequent Dental Check-Ups to the Vet

Another key thing to remember is to visit a professional veterinarian on a frequent basis and get your buddy’s teeth checked. Regular dental check-ups are a must and going to the vet at least two times a year is very important. It not only helps in mitigating any serious dental infection but at the same time, keeps their teeth and gums in top shape.

  1. Feed the Correct Diet

The food that you feed your dog plays a crucial role in keeping their teeth in top condition. Although homemade meals are very nice, it might not be the smartest option for your canine’s oral hygiene point of view. Hence, feeding your dog a complete and balanced meal that contains all the nutrition will not only nourish their body but at the same time, will keep their teeth and gums stronger and healthier. Before you opt for a change in diet, make sure you consult your local veterinarian.


Dental issues are a growing condition in not only dogs but other pets as well, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you are taking good care of your buddy’s dental health by providing him with all the care he needs. Thus, make sure to follow the points given above and keep your buddy safe and secure from dental diseases. Good luck!