Declutter Day: repurpose or throw away

Spring is not the only time of year the year when you should declutter your home – in fact, if you want to keep your property tidied and clean, you should declutter daily.,But who has the time and motivation to declutter their home every single day? Unless you are a declutter- or clean-freak, you won’t find it necessary to declutter your property on a daily basis. Nevertheless, to declutter is important – if not on a daily, than at least on a weekly basis. Because clutter is not only ugly – it can seriously damage your health, too – both your physical and mental health.,If you live in cluttered placed, you’ll be less motivated, you’ll have higher anxiety levels and you’ll be easily irritated. That’s not all – clutter can even lead to depression. And, of course, bacteria and germs love clutter and dirt – and that’s why those who live in dirty places are 10 times more likely to get sick than those who live in clean homes.,Now that you know that cleaning is mandatory, and declutteringreally is important, let’s set some rules. In essence, to declutter means to get rid of the things you no longer find useful. You can do that in two ways – either you can reuse the things you no longer find useful and turn them into something useful, or you can simply throw those stuff away – or donate them.,What can you reuse?,You don’t need to throw away everything you no longer need. A lot of your stuff can be reused and can be turned into irreplaceable possessions once again.,You can reuse any glass object – any jar you don’t use can be turned into an adorable candle holder, you can store your dry goods or your construction tools.,You can also reuse your old clothes. Throwing away a stained blouse is not your only option – in fact, you can use your old/ripped/stained shirts to make a unique rug. Your old toweling can be recycled, too – you can turn your old towels into handy washcloths.,And that’s not all – you can also recycle your broken china and turn it into art. You can glue pieces of a broken plate to your dull-looking flowerpots and make them stand out, or you can add them as an ornament to a coffee table and even make a chandelier from your broken glasses. You know what they say – broken china brings good luck. So, break your plates and glasses and turn them into beautiful items your home needs.,What should you not reuse?,However, not everything should be recycled – some items are downright throw-awayables and trying to recycle or reuse them is not worth it.,First, throw away all expired food. Usually, the things we keep for so long that they actually expire in our hands are sauces and spices – believe me, expired they are not nearly as tasty. If you tend to throw away a lot of food – learn to buy smaller quantities. Moreover, medicine should also be thrown away when it expires.,Anything empty should be thrown away, too. You’re not in college anymore, so keeping the empty alcohol bottles is not really necessary. They are not a thing you should take pride in, you know.,Old car parts are another thing we like to accumulate in our properties, as if we’re waiting for Optimus Prime to be born out of our garage that’s filled with old car parts. Donate or sell your old car parts, because you don’t need them.,And now you know what you should reuse and what you should recycle. Let the declutter begin.,This article is written and edited by Ethan Singh. He is a cleaning expert at Prime Cleaners London. For more cleaning tips you can visit,