5 Astonishing Tips for Your Bristol Trip

In a city and county in the South West of England named Bristol, lies a wondrous contribution of beauty, tranquillity, a glimpse of history, and various offers for everyone to see. 

Though its name isn’t that “most-heard” or “ever-famous” like any other English cities, Bristol is still a place for seekers of fun, pleasure, and adventure from different corners of the world. 

So, whether you’re a full-time traveller, a backpacker, or a regular tourist who just come to discover the astounding place, better prepare yourself to see and experience things you’ve never expected Bristol could give.

And with that, this article will take you to a little tour in the city by providing excellent tips for your future Bristol trip!

1. Visit the Cabot Circus in Bristol

One way you can complete your Bristol trip is by visiting its one-of-a-kind and convenient shopping centre, the Cabot Circus. Dive into Bristol city’s shopping centre and witness its uniques style, unparalleled fashion selections and dining offers, and have an extraordinary experience like no other!

In the shopping centre, you’ll find about 120 and more outlets from high street to high-end brands. And once you get tired from strolling around the shopping place, you can pamper yourself and relax with a variety of restaurants and cafes that are also found in the shopping centre. 

 2. Accommodation tips 

Whether you’re visiting Bristol city for a night and a couple of days or more, you need to find a place to stay. Well, good thing that Bristol also has great deals when it comes to your accommodation choices!

If you’re staying for a day and night in the city, you can find a room to rest in the various serviced apartment available. You can also book a hotel in Bristol Cabot for a more relaxing and more comfortable stay. There are ranges of a hotel in Bristol Cabot that are just nearby the Cabot Circus shopping centre and other walking distance stores or cafes.  

3. Gratify in lunch at St. Nicholas Indoor Market

Fuelling up your stomach is one of the most necessary things you shouldn’t forgeth whatever place you’re visiting. In Bristol, take time to visit the city’s oldest market consisting of up to 60 stallholders.

The Glass Arcade at the St. Nicholas Indoor Market can be found on Corn Street. Here, you have countless choices of foods, drinks, snacks, and everything that might please your tummy any time of the day. 

4. Appreciate and take a street art trip

One unique thing about Bristol is that the city is known for its out-of-this-world street arts. And just so you know, the renowned street artist Banksy first showed up in the public eye here in Bristol! 

What’s more exciting about this is that you can either take a specific street art tour or just simply do some morning or afternoon walk on the streets. You may also want to consider stopping by a tourist office and get a copy or two of the Bristol Street Art Map by Where the Wall. 

With the map, you can take a look at the proper information where to track down all the most prominent pieces of street art in the city! 

5. Traverse into the Old City

After satisfying your tummy, you’re suggested to traverse into Bristol’s Old City. Take time to wander around every corner of the small area, see and feel the traces and memories from the city’s past through its historic buildings.

You can walk around and think of what the city might look like in its past phase. Whether you’re a history buff or not, one thing’s for sure, you’ll have your heart and attention with the scenic ambience of the Bristol’s Old City. 

So, can you now say that you’re completely set to do your Bristol trip? Well, you better not forget to share your experiences with us, okay? You may also add some Bristol travel tips right after you set your foot in the surprisingly extravagant city. 

Kath Ramirez is daytime and a committed writer in PREMIER SUITES, Bristol Cabot. She’s been pouring her dedication and love for writing ever since she was in fourth grade. Kath is also a die-hard fan of travelling, photography, dancing, and head over heels for her furbabies.