The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Meeting with potential patients interested in laser hair removal is part of our job. We are familiar with the struggles of trying to permanently eliminate hair from the body and face. In conversations concerning this topic, many people often ask if laser hair removal is really permanent. Understanding how laser hair removal works can help you make a decision about the best treatment option for you.,Is laser hair removal really permanent?,The short answer to the question is that the treatment is generally not permanent, particularly in the sense that many may think. For example, you may assume that you can go for one round of treatment and never see the hairs that are removed again. This assumption is false for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is not unusual to need more than one round of treatment to have the hair removed. The second is that even after the hair is removed, it may grow back. The more accurate description for laser hair removal is best thought of as permanent hair reduction.,What is the point of laser hair removal then?,Getting laser hair removal can make your morning routine much easier. Instead of having to spend each day shaving, plucking or otherwise removing hairs, you can just skip this portion of your routine for periods of time. Laser hair removal helps to reduce the hairs on your body. If you are used to having to shave twice a day to keep stubble away, opting for laser hair removal will likely reduce this practice. Also, you may see the reduction of hair in certain spots over time. For example, you may currently have a group of hairs on your chin that you’re constantly shaving. After laser hair removal, you may discover that you just have a few strays that you need to pluck from time to time.,Does your body play a role?,You may wonder if your individual body can affect whether or not hair grows back and how quickly of a pace. The answer is that it can. Some individuals have excessive hair on their body or face due to hormonal imbalances. In those cases, you will likely want to speak with a doctor who specializes in this area. If your hormones are responsible for an excessive amount of hair, laser removal may not have the ability to reduce or halt the growth.,Does the equipment matter?,When you hear about a good deal for laser hair removal, you may be quick to snatch it up. However, you really need to look into the practice and to find out what kind of equipment is used. A practice using archaic tools, for example, is likely to lack the ability to offer you as high of a success rate as one that is using newer equipment. Also, a practice with questionable equipment may put your health and safety at risk. At Kerin MedSpa & Laser Center, we use the most up to date state of the art equipment capable of treating all skin types.,Setting up an appointment for a consultation at our practice is the best way to determine if laser hair removal is for you.,Dr. Michael Kerin is a board-certified surgeon in Tuckahoe, NY who specializes in aesthetic services, laser treatments and provides state of the art medical spa services.,,