Distinguishing Colours In Bridal Lehenga For Daytime Weddings

The trend of Daytime weddings is in high demand. The simplicity and charming beauty of the daytime weddings is absolutely irresistible.

Now, in daytime weddings, the dark and bold colours don’t match and can spoil your bridal look as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy light and brighter shades in wedding lehenga to look magnificent on your special wedding day such as bright yellow hue, the subtle pink or something in pastel shades.

Therefore, for a perfect wedding lehenga in a distinguishing colour and design for your daytime wedding, here is the list of the bridal lehenga designs along with a colour choice to pick and bookmark the right one for you!

  1. Icy Blue

Ditch those ordinary and boring styles of wedding lehenga and grab a stunning and ravishing lehenga in icy blue colour. Nowadays, the trend o icy blue colour in bridal lehenga and saree are extremely popular, thus make it on the top of your list while searching for the wedding lehenga. Besides that, look for the floral pattern motifs and exceptional gold work on the borders to enhance the beauty of the outfit.

  1. Dusty Pink  

Well, the dusty pink colour in bridal lehenga, isn’t it gorgeous even in imagination? Rather than picking up those ordinary and regular style pink shades, this dusty pink colour in wedding lehenga will definitely make you look elegant and classy on your wedding day. The subtle design and appealing colour makes the perfect combination for the brides to go with.

  1. Gold and Peach

The sterling combination of gold and peach in bridal lehenga makes it a great choice for the wedding season. If you are looking for something unusual in wedding lehenga, especially for the daytime wedding, then this blend of gold and peach is always evergreen. The light shade, subtle design and stylish look can definitely add a modern touch to your outfit.

  1. Lavender

The sterling lavender colour is quite dominating the trend of Indian bridal fashion. Rather than going for those normal and traditional colours, why not to pick up a bridal lehenga in stunning lavender colour? Undoubtedly, it will make you look gorgeous and extraordinary on your wedding day.

  1. Silver Metallic  

Have you seen any bride wearing a silver metallic wedding lehenga? This wedding season experiment with your bridal lehenga and go with this raging silver metallic tint for daytime conjugal ceremonies. Of course, it is voguish and absolutely fashionable in design and style as well. Thus, to grab the attention of every guest on the wedding day, go with this beautiful and sterling silver metallic wedding lehenga.

  1. Gold

The trend and beauty of the shimmery gold bridal lehenga can never go put of trend. For your special day, you can pick and choose this extremely eye-catching and beautiful outfit in shimmery gold hue to look like a royal diva on your wedding day. You can even pair this lehenga and choli with a mesmerising dusty pink or icy blue dupatta to look extremely graceful. The beautiful flared lehenga in shimmery gold colour with combination of dusty pink dupatta is just perfect and undoubtedly, irresistible.

  1. Glamorous Red

The classic and glamorous red colour is al-time favourite among the brides. Highly sophisticated and intricately designed wedding lehenga in glamorous red colour is what you need to add to your entire bridal appearance. You can never go wrong with this beautiful piece in hot red colour as it will never disappoint you with its grace and beauty.

  1. Green

The trend of sage and mint green is ruling the fashion industry this year even in ethnic garbs. When it comes to daytime wedding, the brides usually get confused to choose the outfit colour, isn’t it? We understand your situation and hereafter, we have come up with this amazing sage green or mint green wedding lehenga, which looks absolutely graceful and pleasant in daytime weddings. Just pick the right colour or shade in green along with a stunning embroidery design and pattern to do everything right on your special day.

To sum it all up, we hope that the above-mentioned list of distinguishing colours or shades in bridal lehenga for daytime weddings help you to buy the right one for yourself on your special day.