Tips and Diet For Weight Loss in Just Few Months

Size does not matter in today’s world and that is 100% true, but health does, no matter in which century you belong to. Therefore, weight loss is not a trend anymore, but a necessity in life.  

However, before we move on to the tips regarding how you can lose weight effectively within a few months, let us have a look at the few case studies, that we have brought for you: 

Barry Parkes: Case Study 

“ Hello, my name is Barry Parkes, and I always used to say that I keep on taking my weight gain thing casually until I reached about 300 pounds. To say it seriously, that is when it hit me that I was actually killing myself!”  

Barry Parkes, who is an assistant principal in the Idaho Falls, indeed took a class of himself and realized that he needed to do something about his weight. He started thinking about a permanent solution and that is when he came across no carbs diet.  

Parkes literally started surviving sole on a protein diet, cutting out carbs from his eating habits, although he lost about 122 pounds, he says that he has a long way to go.  

Alexander Graf: Case Study 

High School has been tricky as well as a delusional year for Alexander Graf. His doctors used to tell him that he would eventually grow into his size until, he just doubled himself up in the summer of 2016, when he reached nearly 285 pounds.  

That’s when he was awakened from his heavily sweet teen dreams and he started out to look for ways in which he can lose weight. When he was asked about the reasons he said, “My ignorance reached a height, I did not even know was coming! Video games and eating a lot of junk food kept on adding unnecessary fat on my body!” Alexander was quite depressed because his dad was heavier and had Type 2 Diabetes.  

When he realized that things started to change since he gained weight, there was no turning back and he decided that he will lose weight. He started spending most of his time in the gym and followed a strict diet. Now he is as fit as a professional trainer, as he says that his life is back on track.  

The reason behind presenting two case studies is that there are different ways in losing weight, but each of it is not sufficient for getting rid of the excess fat completely, if the other one is not there, like the other method almost compliments another. Therefore it is mandatory to balance out diet and other methods like exercise so that you can have the maximum output in weight loss.  

Now that we are through the understanding of how weight loss actually works, let us now have a look at some of the healthy food which helps you in losing weight. 

Healthy Food for Weight Loss  

Food plays a greater role in what kind of nutrients will reach to your body and how much will literally go into the garbage. Although healthy food is supposed to be boring, here are some foods for weight loss you can try in different ways: 

1. Salmon:  

Salmon is rich in Omega 3 and other important vitamins, which keeps you full and sends a good message to your body muscles, other than sticky fat. Roast it, grill it and have it any way you can, it is filled with protein and thus good as a part of no carbs diet.  

2. Leafy Greens: 

There is a reason why veggies have been added as a part of a healthy diet. It is filled with minerals and contains no carbohydrate at all. Therefore there is no chance that excess calorie is going to sit on your muscles and ensures a higher metabolism. Some of the leafy greens are lettuce, spinach, collards, and many others.  

3. Legumes and Beans: 

Talk about vitamins and fat burning acids, then missing out on beans and legumes is not at all wise decisions. It can be consumed during snack time, which satiates your hunger without giving you extra weight. They contain some resistant starch which not only helps in burning fat but also prevents fat buildup in your body.  

So these are some foods for weight loss, which you should always keep in your diet if you are seriously looking forward to burning some fat. Now, let us go through the tips which will keep you healthy and help you in losing weight as well.  

Cool Tips for Weight Loss 

 Yes, losing weight can be boring sometimes, but trust the experts, because there are some pretty cool ways you can optimize your routine regarding weight loss: 

1. Shake up your breakfast: 

If you think that the most effective way to lose weight is to skip a meal, especially breakfast, then you are never going to make it. Instead, you can make a protein shake and have it. Such as almonds, dates, protein supplement, bananas and a few corn flakes or oats shaken up together is the perfect breakfast you can ever get. Plus, it takes a few minutes to make it and gulp it and the ingredients are some of the best foods for weight loss.  

2. Drink at least 12 glasses of water every day: 

Drinking water can seem to be a very normal thing to do, but it does really goo to your health as well. Drinking water keeps you gut system clear, keeping you full and hence your craving for food decreases which means that you are going to eat less, feel less hungry and lose some weight in the process.  

3. Take walking trips once each day: 

Walking is the best medicine to lose weight. Gymming, swimming and freehand exercises also help you a lot, but nothing works as organically as brisk walking does to you. It reduces excess body fat and keeps you fit. Not only that, it works evenly in your body, keeping your muscles and bones perfect. It also balances your metabolism, blood circulation, thus reviving your heart and brain.  

So start working on it right now, if you are done having burgers which are literally killing you in disguise.