Check out China’s top ten places that are most prone to encounters

First, the location of the encounter: Chongqing.

Recommended Aventure Location: Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.

Reason: Chongqing may be the most concentrated city for Chinese beauty. Chongqing’s special geographical environment creates the natural beauty of Chongqing girls. Plus Chongqing is a foggy city. It has fog for many years. Girls are very watery. Cosmetics are nothing but water. However, Chongqing is a city that has been wet for many years. There is no flat road in Chongqing, and it is necessary to go uphill and down the ridge, but it has created a good figure for the Chongqing girl.

Aventure index: . The beauty of Chongqing girls is worthy of recognition, but what most people talk about is the personality of Chongqing girls who dare to love and hate. Chongqing’s environment and diet have created the hot personality of Chongqing girls, straightforward, dare to love and hate, and bold and bold. There are beautiful women everywhere, plus the beauty of Chongqing beauty who dares to love and hate, affair, maybe just a matter of time.

Suitable for the crowd: pity and jealousy, who know how to care for women, and who are straightforward and generous. Walking Raiders: You can meet beautiful women almost anywhere in Chongqing, and they can be of different types to satisfy everyone’s appreciation habits. Therefore, no matter where you live in Chongqing, you should polish your eyes no matter where you are. Otherwise, you may regret that you missed a beautiful encounter.

Second, the location of the encounter: Chengdu.

Recommended Aventure Location: Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street.

Reason: Like the top Chongqing, Chengdu beauty is also famous in the world. Moreover, this is a city full of life, teahouses, bars, snack streets… more walks, more to see, affair may happen inadvertently.

Aventure index: . “Women are born to be shopaholics,” Chengdu women are no exception. The most popular shopping place in Chengdu is the famous Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street. It is a paradise for women to eat and wear. Buy high-end can go to Pacific Department Store, buy a variety of boutiques on both sides of the road. When I was tired, I smashed my hands, dandan noodles, pot helmets, ice smashed, spicy rabbit heads… all kinds of snacks were full of street food, cheap and delicious. Looking at the beautiful women who are carrying big bags of spoils, they volunteered to help them; or see the beautiful women who have not been able to buy snacks behind them, take the initiative to give way to them, maybe an affair will be promoted. Suitable for the crowd: people who are good at eating, drinking, having fun, and have an indomitable spirit.

Third, the location of the encounter: Lijiang.

Reason: Lijiang has the mysterious air and soil that promotes love hormones. The plateau is passionate. Because of lack of oxygen, people are dizzy, and there are fewer waking and calculations in the city. Coupled with snow-capped mountains, blue sky, white clouds, flowing water, and floral fragrance, people enter Lijiang, like entering a love paradise. For love, Lijiang is like a dream, but it is a reality that can be experienced.

Aventure index: . A small river, old buildings on both sides, red lanterns, a round of moonlight, tourists from all directions and bars of all kinds of moods, this is the most lively place in the ancient city at night – the bar street. The strong atmosphere of the ancient city is mixed with the fashion and modern trend, which almost stimulates the sensory nerves of every visitor. You are beginning to faint and become obsessed with it. All the good things happen… The bar is transformed into a mood that is confusing. A dizzying light, a dark red and awkward cocktail… that’s just a romantic background. The eyes of men and women are twinkling, the enchanting and incomprehensible smile, an action, a dialogue, and the air in the air, besides being jealous or jealous, this is just the beginning of a beautiful encounter…

Suitable for the crowd: urban people who want to stay away from the complicated city, live at the rhythm of “slow half beat”; stylish single men and women; all humans who love beautiful things! Walking Raiders: There are airports in Lijiang that can fly directly. Bring enough clothes. The locals said that they should prepare three sets of clothes in Lijiang one day, because in the summer, Lijiang’s temperature difference between day and night is also very large, it is best to bring thick clothes that are easy to put on and off.

Fourth, the location of the encounter: Shanghai.

Reason: Shanghai, a modern and petty city. Here, you may like the “World Museum” on the Bund, and you will be enchanted by the night winds on Binjiang Avenue or the scenery on Hengshan Road. But if you can tremble your heart in an instant, it may be the melancholy man in the subway, or the woman with a delicate look and indifference. While waiting for the car to come, go up and ask her for a cup of coffee…

Aventure index: . The most beautiful time on the famous Hengshan Road is not midnight, but the evening. At this time, the street lights at the beginning, pedestrians are scarce, walking along the wide Wutong Avenue, western-style bungalows, classical churches, street parks, private small courtyards… these rare props are already romantic Enough, let alone a variety of cafes and bar restaurants to pave the way… Just under the soft streetlights of the warm huangse, when you look up, who can guarantee that the person who is destined is not the one he is destined for? Suitable for the crowd: fashion men and women with petty bourgeoisie, pursuing romance and affecting the mood.

Five, the location of the encounter: Yangshuo.

Reason: “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world”. In fact, the landscape of the “A World” is due to the Lijiang River, and most of it is around this Yangshuo. Such mountains and rivers are the most suitable for falling in love, each one is a soft curve, like a lover who relies on each other, soft and soft. In this calm and comfortable city, there is a street full of petty bourgeoisie – West Street. The lights on the west street are so stylish that people can’t help but think about the beauty of the West Street…

Aventure index: . West Street, there is only one street, not a long street. It mixes the ethnic customs of various parts of China, blends the Chinese and Western races and cultures, and mixes dreams and loss. This is a street full of style. Old buildings, modern Cafés, distant mountains, roadside ethnic shops, colorful bar tablecloths, laid-back crowds… In the ethereal Indian indigenous music, this street is alive. The fragrance seems to be shaking. Here, every year, young people are interpreting the romantic story of marriage between China and the West. They enjoy the poetic life here and love passionately. The so-called “love has no national boundaries.”

Suitable for the crowd: away from the city dust mites, enjoy the nature of the crowd; like the exotic style and style of petty men and women.

Six, the location of the encounter: Hangzhou.

Reason: Hangzhou is the city with the strongest aroma in the Chinese city. Hangzhou and even the majority of Jiangnan’s crushes have a pair of fascinating jade hands. Needless to say, Hangzhou Meimei is best suited to be a lover who understands and looks forward to it. Suhang has a beautiful woman, and this is indeed a well-deserved name.

Aventure index: . There are too many beautiful spots in Hangzhou. In almost any place, you can experience the wonderful artistic conception described by Tang poetry and Song poetry. In this artistic conception, a beautiful girl with a deep feelings will come to you, and you will feel everything. It is so suitable.

Seven, the location of the encounter: Wuhu.

Reasons: Wuhu is located in Yongshan Township in the north of Ninglang County and Wanshan Bush in the left side of Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, 73 kilometers away from Ninglang County. It is like a pearl embedded in the embrace of the mountains. It is surrounded by blue waves and beautiful scenery. It has the reputation of “Pearl of the Plateau”, “A Pure Land in the Northwest of Yunnan” and “The First Wonder of the East”. The quaint folk customs here, the beautiful mountains and waters and the rich legendary style, the fascinating marriage customs, full of mysterious colors.

Aventure index: . Because the beauty here is illusory, because the ancients are more refined. The marriage trip in Wuhu has plunged us into meditation: love, is it that grows together forever, or as long as it has been. Perhaps there is no answer to this question. Wuhu and Mosuo people are two worlds with us.

Eight, the location of the encounter: Sanya.

Reasons: Sun, sea, beach, this is the best hotbed of affair. Many friends have said that if you can’t see Miss World in Sanya, look at the beauty of Sanya.

Aventure index: . In Sanya, you can find the truest self. You can take a leisurely walk in the “Eden Garden” in a bathing suit and do what you love to do. However, Sanya’s comfortable life is not limited to sunny beaches. On this beach, there is no need to worry about nightlife. There are dozens of bars here, each with its own characteristics. Here you can find the same or similar, and then play All night long. Seriously, sleeping here is really a waste. The people coming and going bring the endless vitality of Sanya. The people in the lanes are like the waters of Sanya. The Sanya affair will never rest. .

Nine, the location of the encounter: Harbin.

Reason: The reputation of “Oriental Little Paris” makes Harbin unique in the northern cities. The unique geographical location makes Harbin an international city very early. To this day, the younger generation still pursues the European atmosphere and is keen on Christmas. Even in the harsh winter of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the girl is still wearing a long skirt like a European girl, wearing long boots. And eat ice cream.

Aventure index: . The experience in Harbin is very similar to the weather in the northeast: the summer sun cleans the air cleanly, naturally, without impurities, but it is extremely warm and romantic, as if it is all surrounded by you, let you indulge in the rich splendor; In the cold winter, strolling on the snowy streets, the kind of cold that is frozen, very pure and extreme, but not unique.

  1. Aventure location: Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

Reason: The feelings are deep and fast. The Sichuan-Tibet line is probably the most dangerous road in the world, but it is also the most beautiful road in the Tibet route. But we will not forget that the roads on the roof of the world like Hada’s roads have left us with memories. The bumps and times have led us to the snowy plateau. Every stone on the road seems to be touching one by one. s story.

Aventure index: . You are from different regions, and you may never have thought about what will happen on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. But the beautiful scenery and dangerous bumps along the way may allow you to hold hands and shoulder to shoulder, everything without warning. The same is true for Aventure.

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