5 Essential Pairs of Shoes Minimalist Men Have In Their Wardrobe

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, shoes might be the ones for the boys. An average footwear-obsessed guy has a closetful of shoes, plenty enough to build a shrine – from hardcore trainers in different colors and brands to a wide array of classy leather dress shoes that make the ladies sweep off their feet.,But if you’re a fellow who, for either philosophical or budgetary reasons, don’t want to splurge on many pairs of shoes and would rather keep things simple, you can start building your shoe collection composed of only the essentials without skimping on style.,If you want to create a minimalist wardrobe for different seasons and reasons, here are the 5 pairs of shoes you only need to invest in.,Name them – running shoes, lightweight walking shoes, tennis shoes, and aerobic shoes. Trainers are specially designed to protect you against common injuries associated with your type of workout or sport – a benefit casual shoes can’t provide.,Trainers are usually made of mesh paneling and foam-like sole which can lessen the impact of your step and cushion your feet from heavy landings. Wearing a good pair of trainers can even improve your overall performance.,Perfect for: General fitness routines like jogging, going to the gym, or playing your favorite sport like basketball. It could also be perfect for elevating your streetwear clothing.,Popular brands: Nike, Addidas, Reebok, Puma, Under Armour, New Balance, Loyalti Footwear,For many men, their casual go-to footwear is a sneaker. Whether it’s more of an athletic version that may double for a pair of running shoes, or a canvas counterpart that looks lightweight and classic, a good pair of sneakers can instantly elevate your look. So, go ahead and wear your rugged denim jeans or shorts and you’d still look like a trendsetter.,In terms of color, white sneakers, without any doubt, should be a staple in any gent’s wardrobe. It’s all about the subtle details – the material, color, and kind of laces – that can set you apart from the other guy next in line at the convenience store.,Perfect for: Streetwear clothing, casual hangouts, like going to the mall, walking on the park, visiting your girlfriend’s house, or chilling with the boys on a late Friday night.,Popular brands: Converse all-stars, SeeVees, PF Flyers, Vans.,There’s nothing more versatile than a pair of boots. Their durable construction aren’t just perfect for hikes and other vigorous outdoor activities – their stylish design and build can punch up any getup.,Boots never go out of style, and you can pair them with all your clothes, from your street-style T-shirt and jeans tandem to long-sleeved dress shirt and khaki combo. And if you want to wear them with suit and tie, no one’s stopping you.,Perfect for: hiking, attending a rock gig, and punching up your everyday getup.

Popular Brands: Timberland, Dr. Martens, Frye, Clarks, Red wing,You need a pair of shoes that is a step up from a laidback sneaker but not as formal as a dress brogue. Business casual shoes, such as lace-ups and loafers, lie somewhere in between. Yes they are casual but they won’t make you look less of a professional.,Loafers are the most popular choice for business casual shoes for men. If oxfords are what you wear to a very important business meeting, loafers are the shoes you wear every day at work. They are low, lace-less shoes that are basically slip-ons, designed for everyday wear.,Perfect for: Everyday wear at work, travelling or commuting, or pulling off a classy urban street fashion,Popular Brands: Gucci, Tod’s, Marks and Spencers, Hush Puppies, Rockport,Whether you’re going to a high-end social gathering with your colleagues or you just want to win a lady over with a classier (and more handsome) version of you, a polished, scruff-free pair of dress shoes is a must-have. Dress shoes are worn if you want to “dress to impress” or if the occasion calls for a formal look.,Must choose only one set of dress shoes to streamline your wardrobe? All need is a simple pair of black, closed-lacing oxfords. They are your “standard black leather shoes” that go well with anything.,If you already have black oxfords and are looking for something more than the basics, add a pair of brown brogues to your collection as well. Brogues are basically leather shoes with a perforated pattern and patina. You can wear them with jeans or trousers.,Perfect for: attending weddings, funerals, business meetings, dinner date at a high-end restaurant, a black-tie gala.,Popular brands: Cole Haan, ALDO, Charles Tyrwhitt, ECCO, Florsheim. Ted Baker,Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a savvy writer for
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