Why Prefer Contact Lenses Over Eye Glasses

Have you recently been diagnosed with a vision problem? Then you may have probably advised by your doctor to wear glasses or lenses for that matter. There can also be a probability that you are already wearing eyeglasses and considering making a switch to lenses? Both eyeglasses and lenses are prescribed to correct vision problems. While you have to wear eyeglasses on your eyes, lenses can be inserted into your eyes so that you are saved from the hassles of wearing heavy-duty glasses.

Here, we will try to clear your confusion and make the decision making easier for you. 

Lenses support your aesthetics: Most people don’t like to wear eyeglasses, because they work as a hindrance in their natural beauty and face shape. There are several negative stereotypes attached to those who wear eyeglasses. That is why people wearing glasses often feel unattractive. On the other hand, lenses are inserted into your eyes and no one would be able to tell that you are wearing them. Since they are invisible, they do not ruin your outfit at all. To further make a statement, you can even go for colored lenses to match your outfit or to change the eye color that you always wanted. Therefore, contact lenses can work wonders to correct your vision problems without compromising your looks.

Lenses stay comfortable: Lenses are extremely easy to wear. Just keep a lens on the tip of your finger and insert it in the eye. Eyeglasses are easy to wear too, but they do not feel as comfortable as lenses. They often put some weight on the top of your ears and bridge of your nose. Worse, they are prone to accumulate sweat around your T-zone which makes the glasses side which is very uncomfortable to the wearer. This can strain your muscles and lead to further problems in your health. Whereas, you will often forget that you are even wearing anything with contact lenses. Lenses sit directly on your eyes so your peripheral vision is unobstructed.

Lenses support activity: Lenses are great for people who like to stay active, especially athletics and sports lovers. Eyeglasses are susceptible to slide, slip or break even with a slight movement. But lenses stay in their place even when a ball hits your face. Since you may get sweaty during physical activity, your eyeglasses may get misty and obscure your vision. If something hits your glasses, they may break and even cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyes. On the other hand, contact lenses do not slip, do not get misty, do not break and do not cause any kind of damage to your eyes as far as you follow hygiene while wearing them.

Lenses give a full range of vision: While eyeglasses are also effective in correcting your vision problems, their correction is limited to the front area only. Their frame often blocks your peripheral vision, and the vision is not corrected if you try to see from the corners of your eyes. Some eyeglasses even distort your vision due to thick glasses and bulky frames. Peripheral vision is very important, especially while doing activities like driving and playing sports. On the other hand, contact lenses fit directly on your pupil covering it completely. Due to this, they give you a complete range of vision as if you are looking around with your natural vision.

Now that you have read the breakdown of advantages, nothing should stop you from getting your lenses right away.