Organising a Camp: Tips to Rise to the Challenge

Camping has grown in popularity over the years, for children and adults alike, because participants are able to socialise, learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Camping gives participants the time to unwind and simply admire the beauty of the outdoors, which is something a bit of a luxury in this day and age.,Modern life as we know it is full of social media, work, demands, pressure and deadlines, and camping gives us a chance to take a step back from the hustle and bustle. It brings heaps and heaps of benefits, which is no wonder why a lot of people are becoming more and more interested in joining one.,A camping experience as a participant can be quite exciting and entertaining, but as a camp organiser, things can get pretty challenging. You want to be able to provide the best camping experience to your participants, but you know organising requires a significant amount of forethought, weeks of preparation, and taking into account the following:,Consider the Cost,Money is always a factor that needs to be considered in organising camps. It is important to take note of your budget to avoid spending more than you can.,You also have to keep in mind how much participants are willing to spend, but should also consider an amount that maximises their camping experience.,Assemble a Team,It will be quite impossible to organise a camp all by yourself. You can have genuinely amazing ideas, but its success depends in large part on the strength of a team.,Choose people who are responsible, able to lead and follow, and people who share in the same love for camping as you. When you have formed your dream team, frequently meet and discuss important points about the camp.,Plan Activities Ahead,As the famous line goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s important to plan ahead to consider any opportunities or risks that are associated with your camp.,Preparation is always key to provide the best camping experience for your participants. According to research, providing participants with new activities and adventures helps keep their minds alert and their brains healthy.,Orchestrate activities that people haven’t tried before, or research staple camping tasks and look for ways to make them better.,Finalise Your Venue,The venue can contribute much to the success of any camp. It should be spacious enough for the activities you have planned ahead, and should offer an environment that campsites need.,Find affordable venues that do not compromise the quality of the experience you are looking to create. Also consider if the venue offers the necessary amenities to accommodate your event the best way possible.,Organising a camp from the ground up can be a pretty challenging endeavour, but the results are always rewarding. Ensure that your school campers will have the best camping experience they have ever had by following the tips above.,If you have been searching for group accommodations venues, conveniently situated near Sydney, our locations at Uniting Venues might just be what you are looking for. Check us out at,Josh Noah is a web content writer who also enjoys leading trainings and conferences for schools and camps. With these experiences, he has become adept at identifying the qualities of a good meeting and training space. He now continues to use his knowledge and skills in creating quality web content for Uniting Venues.,