Top 5 Boarding Schools in Pune for Your Kids

The education of kids’ is of utmost importance for parents, and they don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to choosing the right school. If you have decided to enroll your kid to a boarding school, then you definitely want to send him to one of the best schools in the country. Once their educational foundation is strong in the formative years, their future will be bright and successful for sure.  Whether or not you live in or near the financial capital of the country, there are some of the best boarding schools here that one may consider for the brighter future of their kid.

Schooling plays a significant role in shaping up an individual. But, sometimes even the best schools cannot guarantee a successful career of a student of it doesn’t follow the right curriculum supporting the child’s interest. Pune has always been one of the most preferred educational hubs in India and is always buzzing with the students from all across the country and abroad. If you are looking for a curriculum that is interesting as well as encompassing all areas of academics for the overall development of students, then sending your child to one of the top boarding schools in Pune is the best decision.Keeping all these in mind, here is the compiled list of best schools in the city that one may consider:

  1. Shivneri School and Junior College: This is one of the top-ranked CBSE residential schools in Pune that has set the highest standard of academic excellence and overall intellectual growth of the students. The school is well-known for its world-class infrastructure, hygiene, safety, and the best residential facilities. The school focuses on the all round development of the students and teaching them using the latest and innovative teaching methodologies. To know more about the admission and related process, one may visit the website of the school.
  2. Creative Public School: This is another top player in the category of best residential schools in the city. The school offers the best academics, world-class infrastructure and facilities to the students. The institute has the best faculty that plays a great role in the overall development and growth of the students.
  3. Shalom International School: The school is listed among the best boarding schools in the city offering world-class education and best living facilities to the students. The school equips students with the best of knowledge and skills that help them to become the responsible citizen of tomorrow. The school houses an impressive array of facilities for keeping students up with the modern trends of education. You may read more about the school after visiting the official website.
  4. The Heritage School Pune: This is one of the fastest growing schools in Pune that offers a blend of academic, sporting, cultural as well as artistic activities in a high-quality environment which is conducive to learning. The school has a world-class infrastructure as well as learning facilities that help in the overall development of students.
  5. K. Birla Centre of Education: This is one of the best residential schools in the country offering world-class residential facilities and education to the students. The school is affiliated to CBSE and has become a center of best education by providing a wide range of the latest educational facilities including modern labs, internet facilities, and a well-planned structure. The school has special labs like robotics and more, preparing students for better careers in the future.