Plan a Trip to Sundarban with the Best Guide

“Hence, it is very much clear that if you want to know the actually life and habitat that exists on earth, then Sundarban is a place that you must choose as your upcoming vacation destination”.

Sundarban is one of the most beautiful place forests in the world. It is near Kolkata, west Bengal and is filled with greenery and fresh air. Every year, people all around the world come and take the feel of refreshment from this place. It has all the vibes that one looks for in a perfect life. Filled with peace and beauty, this place is the best place to spend vacations with friends and families. Various parks make it children friendly as well.

Sundarban National Park, Sundarban West, Sundarban East Sanctuaries etc. are the speciality of this amazing place. Here, in this Sundarban tour guide, you will get to know the main attractions of Sundarban for which it is famous and also you will see the various Sundarban tour packages that you can go for to experience the life at Sundarban.

Sundarban Flora and Fauna

In 1903, David Pran, a very famous traveller and researcher found that there are a total of 245 general and more than 330 plant species were there in Sundarban. This wide range of flora makes this place worth visiting and also become a source of knowledge for the people who are looking forward for the information about various varieties of flora species.

Nor just its flora species, but fauna is also there in large number. Sundarban is a place which has a unique and a different ecosystem which is really rich and healthy in terms of wildlife and habitats. In 1991, a study has revealed that Sundarban has diverse biological resources which actually include more than 150 speciose of fishes, 270 species of birds and almost 42 species of mammals. All these things and data are exciting enough and give complete reasons to visit this place.

What Sundarban Tour Guide Says?

Now that you are aware of the variety of flora and fauna species that are present in Sundarban, you must have realized the need of an expert Sundarban tour guide to avoid any disturbance in your researches and vacations. So for better understanding, go through the following noticeable factors before planning a trip:

  • Choose customised packages as per your needs and desires
  • Go for the vacations with your friends and family and get group discounts and avail the best offers in your budget
  • Get customer friendly services from the executives to enjoy your vacations fully and completely.
  • Make memories with the best plans and packages and hold them throughout your life.
  • You can choose the package as per your time limitation like even if you want to go on a vacation for 2 days or for 2 months, each and every package is available at best prices.

Amazing Deals with the Best Sundarban Tour Guide

Not only customised packages, but there are also a number of amazing deals to plan an enjoyable cheap Sundarban package tour. Sundarban is one of the most likely to choose tourist place therefore, number of deals and offers come time to time to give the 100% satisfaction to the visitors. No matter how many times you are going to visit this place, every time you will end up getting more and more knowledge of new species and about the local tribe of Sundarban.

Author Bio: Alex, a travel blogger, writes on Sundarban tour and how one can plan a trip within their budget. To know more, read his blogs and articles.